Areas of Technology to Consider for Educator Research Funding

Many educators perform research throughout their careers. This research may deal with how students learn innovative ways to connect students in an area or even an entire nation. Several innovations have come from this type of research in recent years. An increasingly popular area for education-related research deals with technology. Here are some examples of technology to consider for research and ultimately research funding for your project. 

Autistic Language Research

An issue that children with autism sometimes face deals with language. This may be due to comprehension issues, but in many cases, it is due to the child being non-verbal. This means finding other means to help the child communicate with parents and with educators. There have been several technological advances including the use of tablet-based apps for communication. However, as an educator, you may have ideas that may work where a tablet would not. This is an area that can greatly benefit from research funding. This research can introduce new technology to advance learning and communication as well as offer new ways for children on the spectrum to voice their views and give insight into their learning process. 

Sensory Development Research

Sensory processing is a serious issue that faces many children around the world. Lighting, sounds and sensory overload can all affect the way a child learns. This sensory development can be affected by offering lighting changes, personal sensory options and fidget toys that can help with coping and focus. All of these resolutions can be greatly influenced through technology and technological advancements, apps and research funding. 

Virtual Learning

Virtual learning has become an increasingly popular option around the world. Virtual learning allows children to attend classes online and learn from various internet-based resources. The issue educators are having with this option is how each child learns and how the virtual option needs to be adjusted for children. This requires a large amount of research and technology advancements that may not be available at this time. For this, research funding is needed. 

If any of these areas sound like they would fit your current research techniques, begin seeking out your research funding. Remember the funding can come from various organizations including non-profit groups and service action committees. If you want to work with a specific company, such as a leading technology firm, contact them directly. Many of these firms have research grants and opportunities that may fit your plans. 

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